Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Resist the Spreading of Lies by ABVP Against the Left !

ABVP in JNU has suddenly woken up from their deep slumber. This is an organization who did not even  for even lip service make a statement against the scuttling of reservations in campus, corruption in faculty appointments or on the attack against JNUSU members by the administration. True to the politics which they represent, real material issues do not matter to them. Rather, they relish in spreading lies and rumors, thereby diverting attention from the far more serious issues. At the moment, they are busy spreading lies against the Left and Kerala after the murder of Rajesh Edvacokde in Trivandrum. As of now, there is absolutely no clarity regarding this murder. Since the background of this murder was political conflicts in Trivandrum, fingers were automatically pointed at the Left. The Congress even claimed that the main accused in the murder was a booth agent of the CPM in the last assembly elections. This allegation was later thoroughly refuted by the CPM. Despite these allegations, until now, the police have not been able to establish clear links with the accused and any political party.  The chief accused himself was charged earlier with attempting violence against several CPM leaders and cadres.  None of this has stopped BJP in Kerala from using this murder as a tool for spreading lies. It also helped them to divert attention from the serious corruption charges they were facing in Kerala. Shamelessly, they were asking bribes from persons who wanted their medical colleges to be approved by Medical Council of India.
RSS/BJP are not Victims but Perpetrators of Violence in Kerala:
The political clashes between the CPM and the RSS in Kerala have a long history. But unlike the claims made by the RSS, they are not innocent lambs in the whole episode. More than often, they have been the initiators of violence. Clashes between these two organizations started in late 1960s when the RSS tried to attack beedi workers in Kannur district on behalf of their employers.  These attacks were resisted by the Left.
It was not only trade unions which were under attack from the RSS. In Thalassery area of Kannur district, attempts were made by the RSS to communalize the society. This region has a strong minority population and naturally it became an area of interest for them. Riots erupted, and here also, it was the Left which resisted the RSS. CPM cadres died trying to protect mosques from the RSS attack in this episode.  Even Justice Vithayathil Commission which investigated the Thallassery riots underlined the role played by RSS in instigating the riots.
The data on political murders in Kerala also points to the fact that the RSS is the bloody perpetrator in the violence .Since 1970, 527 CPM cadres have been killed in political violence. All other parties combined have had 445 causalities. In the murder of CPM members, 225 times, cases were filed against RSS/ BJP members. This data is not something which the CPM has released. Kerala police has provided with this data. Therefore, it is clear that RSS/BJP is not the victim in this situation. Rather, they are the most the heinous perpetrators.

Political Violence in the Current Tenure of LDF Government:
Even in the current tenure of the LDF government, it is not the CPM which has initiated violence. Immediately after the election results were announced, a CPM cadre was killed in Dharmadam, the constituency of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, by RSS. Around the same time, a CPI MLA from Kaasrcode district was attacked by the RSS while attending the victory procession and both his hands were broken.  It is therefore, clearly not the case that the RSS is a victim even in the recent sprouts of political violence. At the same time, it is important to understand that the violence inflicted by the RSS has not being limited to the political sphere. In the last one year, there have been two murders in Kerala which were thoroughly communal in nature. Two victims, Riyas Maulavi and Faisal were killed solely because of their Muslim identity. The accused in both the cases belong to the RSS. A pointer towards the nasty, communal and criminal record of RSS with respect to violence in the state.
Even their own cadres are not spared by the RSS in these cold blooded acts of violence. In Alapuzha district, Anantu, a 17 year old boy was murdered by RSS because he stopped attending their shakhas.
This is the reality of political violence in Kerala. With the  help of  media houses servile to them, the BJP  has been attempting to spread a narrative suitable to them.  This has only resulted in a massive backlash for them in both Kerala and other places. The counter campaign by the Left and the Kerala society as a whole has thoroughly exposed their deeds. It is laughable that an organization which has perpetrated the most heinous forms of violence in post independent India is claiming to be the victims of violence. This is an organization which has orchestrated genocidal activities and has done absolutely nothing for the progress of our nation. They are bloody parasites and a bunch of criminals, frauds and murderers masquerading as nationalists. SFI appeals to all of you to not fall for their propaganda of lies. Let us collectively resist them and expose them for what they really are. Let us ask them where they were when reservations were scuttled in JNU, when seat cuts were implemented in JNU and when the JNUSU was attacked by administration. Expose them for what they really are, the barking dogs of this government and the JNU administration.

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